Friday, February 06, 2009

Bob Hope and Zombies (24 seconds)


the Beatles said...

Lucy in the Sky with Democrats

Ticket To Wrong

The Fools on Capital Hill


We Should Have Known Better

Yellow SubPrime Mortgages

You Always Force Us To Give You Our Money

You're a Loser

Drive My Hybrid Car

Still The Beatles said...

-Everybody's Got Something To Hide Especially Me and My Donkey

-Kerry That Weight

-Anti-Bush's Garden

-Please Pelosi Me

-Can Probably Buy Me Love

-First Lady Michella

Cake not signed in said...

I can't see this video right now but if Bob Hope has come back as a zombie, that's gonna be SO DAMN COOL!

Cake not signed in said...

Alternatively, this is a video of Bob Hope fighting zombies, which would also be cool.

Cake not signed in said...

Yeah, the Beatles' songs, I'm guessing it's about people responding to something like sheep. Or something.

Bob Hope fighting the undead would be cooler.

Bo Beep said...

Zombie sheep! Baaaa-rains!

I should stop, huh said...

And we all know the only way to kill a zombie sheep is to ram it in the head...har har...

Just curious said...

Is it Bush's fault that there's no weekend post?