Saturday, February 21, 2009

Michelle Obama's new hairstyle

Don't google !

Just close your eyes for the rest of your life and you will be fine.

If you open them and google you will see it.

The new hairstyle. (Is it two words... hair style? or one word..hairstyle?)

Now the first First Man-Lady wasn't good looking to begin with but... WOW! I say Holey Moley!

This broad is one ugly man-beast!

With a new hairstyle that will now set back women for years to come.


Because women are sheep and will follow Michelle to Bad Hair Hell.

And Hell it is.

Don't google.

It's like an acid bath on your eyes.


hairy beatles said...

Hair Jude

Octopus's Hairdo

Let It Beehive

I Want To Hold Your Hair

Hair Comes The Sun

Norwegian Wedge

Cake said...

Well, that's what she gets for keeping Laura's hair stylist.

Cake said...

Where are your Oscar picks, slackah!!!