Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Something awesome and something not

Today I came up with the winning lottery numbers. 2-6-17-26-27-32 (something awesome)

But I can't figure out for what day(something not)


Alice Cooper's birthday is today (something awesome)

I wasn't invited to the party (something not)


Goobers (something awesome)

Raisinettes (something not)


DVRs (something awesome)

Being a fast forward doofus (something not)


The beautiful look of freshly fallen snow (something awesome)

Everything else about snow (something not)


My Cousin Vinnie (something awesome)

My cousin Saul (something not)


Jay Leno on the Dave Lettermen show (something awesome)

Jay Leno on his own show (something not)


Blogs I did two years ago (something awesome)

Today's blog (something not)



some of the Beatles said...

John, George, and Paul (something awesome)

Ringo (something not)

stuckwithacomb said...

"Letterman" not "Lettermen"

Anonymous said...

Screw off, Hoagiee

Horroru (Joe O) said...

Grant Morrison on All Star Superman (something awesome)

Grant Morrison on Final Crisis (something not)

bacon ace said...

Touche' Joe.

Cake said...

The fact that you did a blog about lottery numbers: something awesome.

The fact that you now have to scold yourself for doing it: something not...

No, wait, that's pretty awesome too.

Never mind.

Cake said...

The fact that you got Hoagieey to comment: something awesome.

The fact that he only commented to be a spelling Nazi: something not.

cousin saul said...

Cousin Steve,
You are dead to me. Or something.

An Instigator said...

Fight, fight, fight!

Certainly not Sarah... said...

Toronto Maple Leafs (something awesome)

The Habs (something not)