Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dear Red Sox,

Snap the fuck out of it!



Your Boston Red Sox said...

Dear Steve,

We are very sorry. Okay. We will snap the fuck out of it.

Your Boston Red Sox

cake said...

Maybe you need to threaten to buy them dresses again. That seemed to work last time.

not your NY yankees said...

No, no, not on our account!

Lois Lane said...

No, threaten to buy them Crocs. And capri pants.

Sparkle Plenty said...
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Anonymous said...


-- Lamont "1978" Cranston

I Ain't No Oprah said...

That hurts, Lamont. Hurts bad.

:;oh god....don't let it happen again::

cake said...


The year after Star Wars came out? How's that relevant?

Cake "Happily Oblivious" McCakester

ghost of nelson de la rosa said...

Dear Steve,

Don't worry. I will take care of it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nelson:

Ha ha ha, Pedro is with the Mets now.

-- Lamont "Look out for the little people" Cranston

the little people said...

Yeah! Watch out for us! We'll nibble your ankles!

cake said...

I'm sorry about the Blue Jays, by the way. If it helps at all, most of Canada can't stand Toronto, too, and spent last night hissing at their TVs.

Joe Torre's Nose said...

Smells like losers in here.

ghost of nelson de la rosa said...

Dear Lamont,

Don't you taunt me, man! gnnnr sound of Lamont's ankle being gnawed. Pedro went to the dark side, and he's got the scars on his ankles to show for it. Me! I'm on the side of the angels. No, man! Not THOSE angels! My Boston Red Sox! gnnnr sound of Joe Torre's nose being gnawed. I climb you like a tree, Torre! Feel my tiny ghostly wrath!

Ghost of Nelson De La Rosa

gagne said...

I snuck some Ex-Lax into the Blue Jays water supply when they thought I was just hanging out, talking Canadian politics...shhhh!

gagne said...

CRAP*!!! They're immune to Ex-Lax!!!

(*no pun intended)