Saturday, September 01, 2007

This may or may not have happened

As you know, my buddy Hoagy lives in a lean-to and pretty much just feeds the raccoons and bears all day. Lots of time to ponder cool.

His new 'thing' is cigars on buddy nite.

And I play along.

So anyhow....a few weeks ago we're having dinner out on this patio of a resturant and after we're all done Hoag asks the waitress if it's okay if we light up a couple of cigars. Here is how that conversation went.

HOAG: "S'okay if we light up a couple of stoogies?"

WAITRESS: "I'm sorry sir but you can't, it's against state law"

HOAG: "But we're outside..."

WAITRESS: "I'm sorry sir but it's still against state law to smoke on the premises of a restaurant."

HOAG: "What would happen if we lit 'em up anyhow?"

WAITRESS: "I'd have to get the manager."

HOAG: "What would he do if we kept smokin' 'em?"

WAITRESS: "He'll call the police."

HOAG: "What if we shoot and kill the policemen?"

WAITRESS: :::blinks:::

HOAG: "Listen Sister, why don't you just save the lives of two cops and let us smoke these puppies?"

WAITRESS: "Would you like some more wine or dessert or something....maybe an ashtray?"


Like I said....this may or may not have happened.


cake said...

So Hoag likes cigars, huh?

sigmund said...

sometimes a cigar is MORE than a cigar.

just sayin' said...

And there's those fancy shoes...

Heavy Helen said...

I ADORE cigars!

waitress said...

Hey! I remember those two guys. They were with a blond woman...

They tipped well but hair-braiding at the dinner table is a bit much.

the other waitress said...

Who are those guys???