Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The two kinds of funny

There are only two kinds of funny.

Planned funny. And not planned funny.

I'm gonna give you a great example of planned funny.

The other night I needed something from Hoag and I asked if I could stop over to his place after work.

He said sure.

I told him I'd be there around 6:10.

Ever punctual, I show up around 6:10, knock on door and let myself in.

He ain't inside....but I notice thru the sliding glass doors that he's outside. So I saunter on out back.

And here is what I see:

Hoag is lounging in his robe on an anti-gravity chaise loungey thing.

He's smoking a cuban (cigar)

He has an ice bucket next to him filled with two bottles of champagne (one half empty) and a filled glass to his lips.

He's wearing some kinda funky Elvisey ray-ban sunglasses

There is some thin hose thingy spraying him down with a fine mist of water.

His wife is standing next to him, hand feeding him fresh strawberries.

That my friends is planned funny.

(Unplanned funny would be if one of you showed up at his house and I was the one feeding him the strawberries.)


cake said...

"(Unplanned funny would be if one of you showed up at his house and I was the one feeding him the strawberries.)"

Does this happen often?

bacon ace said...

And unplanned awkward would be if we showed up a bit later in the evening.

cake said...

Oh, Bacon's gonna take a helluva lot of donuts to erase THAT mental image. Thanks a lot.

bacon ace said...

Try pudding. It soooooths.

Sparkle Plenty said...

FUNNY!!!!! The kind of funny made up of lesser sorts of funny!

But, wait. I think I must ask this. Are you sure it was planned funny, and not just a typical Tuesday night? Sure sure?

cake said...


No, no...they do THAT on Thursday nights, remember?

a cryptic cuban said...

Sometimes a cigar is more than a cigar...

the walrus said...

What if the Beatles sang about Buddy Love?

* Strawberry Feeds Forever
* I Wanna Hold Your Cigar
* Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Hoagy
* I'll Follow the Champagne

cake said...

It just now occurred to me to wonder what the heck an anti-gravity lounge chair is.

Either you folks down south (and you're all south of me) are more advanced than I realized...or I'm missing something.

Or both.

the jetsons said...

Anti-gravity lounge chairs are half off if you buy two rocket packs!

the flintstones said...

And to think we got stuck with dinosaurs.

stuck with a dinosaur said...

This bites!

tiny plastic dinosaurs said...

Hey! Leave us outta this!