Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six years ago today.

It was around 9 in the morning when I first the heard the news.

I knew it was huge.

I knew it would transform us all.

I thought how I should be home with my family in a time like this. I called to see how they were doing. But I stayed at work and watched it unfold on the little black and white TV I keep here.

Finally it was 6:30 and time to go.

The drive was long and quiet and sad. I knew what I was coming home to. I knew our lives were changed.

I walked in and first saw my wife....we didn't say much, we just hugged. The kids were kinda quiet but not overly upset. It hadn't set in to them yet. But it would.

The TV was on. CNN. I clicked to NBC. Uh-Oh. CBS...Uh-Oh. and on and on...

It was the most horrible moment of my life...for I knew right then and there that all of my regular TV shows would be pre-empted. Probably all week. Because of some news thingy.

I looked at Wifey. She looked at me. A single tear ran down her cheek

This was gonna be one hell of a week to get through without our regular TV shows.

But then the Gods looked down on us all and we were saved! SAVED! I remembered a stash of videos we had recorded last week! Life was good again! Jim Belushi filled my screen! Ray Romano filled my screen! Laughter once again filled my living room!

May the horror of that day never repeat itself. Never forget no shows. America was built on shows. And they took 'em away.

Point of the story:

Always keep a recording or two of According To Jim around just in case some boring news thing interrupts your shows.


cake said...

So to sum up:

NoOprah likes tv.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Imagine if The Beatles sang about television shows? Huh? Huh? Imagine! Puh-leeeeze? Imagine!

patriotic american said...

If we don't watch tv, the terrorists will have won !

Sparkle Plenty said...

Actually, that argument works well for quite a few things. "If I don't have this brownie, the terrorists will have won!" "If I empty the dishwasher, the terrorists will have won!" "If I don't start smoking again, the terrorists will have won!"

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, as a native New Yorker, did I ABUSE that argument in the weeks after 9/11.

You could get people to do pretty much ANYTHING just by saying those magic words. The immediate post-9/11 period was a great time to be alive and in New York City.

Of course, I had it used against me a few times, too. But the scars have mostly healed. Even the emotional ones.

-- Lamont "If you don't comment on this post, the terrorists will have won" Cranston

cake said...

I just used that argument to justify going downstairs and getting a second coffee. I'm doing my part!

::waves a tiny US flag in one hand and a Canadian one in the other::

Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear Television People,

There is no more Firefly, Deadwood, or Carnivale. If you do not put these programs back on the air, the terrorists will have won.


Lois Lane said...

Sparkle: I'll take up your cause if we can add Gilmore Girls and Angel to the list too. Because there's nothing more American than mother/daughter bonding and vampires.

Well, not that they're actually bonding with the vampires. Though not that there's anything wrong with that...

Sparkle Plenty said...

Gilmore Girls? Angel? Naturally! Consider it done.

Black Flag said...


(look it up)

cake said...

"(look it up)"

If I look it up, the terrorists will have won!!

Sparkle Plenty said...

But, why look it up when I've got the vinyl to spin (yep I said vinyl...)? Pardon me while I crank it up to 11, put on my crumbling, stinky Docs (not to be confused with Crocs), and create a mosh pit with the dinosaurs.

"Why go into the outside world at all? It's such a fright!"

That's a great song Mr. Greg Ginn wrote.

bacon ace said...

You have it on vinyl? Awesome.

P.S. Keith Morris was better pass it on.

a scurvy terrorist said...

Sparkle looked it up...we win !

Sparkle Plenty said...

Yepper, vinyl! And, you make an excellent point, as always, Mr. Bacon Ace. Keith Morris. Very cool. But what of the wild cannon, Chavo "Anger Management Problem" Pederast, for sheer lurid color?

DOWN ye, scurvy terrorist! Ye have not won. I am just olllllld...old-school, old punk, juuuuust plaiiiin ollld! On the plus side, I get to shout stuff like, "Hey kids! Get off my lawn!" That kinda makes up for it.

lawn kids said...

What's vinyl?

bacon ace said...

Don't get me wrong there have been many fine talents in that band. However Keith was by far the best.

And yes "Revenge" and "Jealous Again" were great songs by Chavo.

Wait, do I have to get off your lawn?

"And, you make an excellent point, as always, Mr. Bacon Ace."

Bwa?!?!?! I don't make excellent point, I make sarcastic remarks.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear Mr. Ace,

Ah...strokes chin Hmmm...you say that you make sarcastic remarks and not excellent points? But sir, with that riposte you have just made yet another excellent point! You're doomed to it, my lad. Accept the mantle and go on...


P.S. Get off my lawn, by cracky! And show the lawnkids what vinyl is while you're at it! If you do not do so, The Terrorists Will Have Won.

bacon ace said...

So just like Christmas, Halloween and all our other holidays it's the day after 9/11 and so it's time to stop caring about it until next year and bitching while taking down the decorations.