Thursday, October 11, 2007

Don't forget... is NO BLOG THURSDAY.

::sign of the cross::



::shakes hand::

::magooes around::


Sparkle Plenty said...

RATS!!!!! I didn't get the memo!!! I thought this was Everybody Wear Elf Shoes Thursday. Okay. I'm taking these things off. They pinch and I'm sick of jingling as I magoo around. 'scuse. I need to go give myself cyber-doofslaps.

bostongraf said...

If you blog about not blogging, aren't you still blogging?

Damn heathen.

cake said...


That skirt is cute on you...I especially like how you coordinated it with the bow in your hair. Hoagy is gonna think you look just lovely when he sees you tonight!

Lois Lane said...

No Blog Thursday?!?

::pulls out stake, stabs blog in heart::

A slayer's work is never done.

cake said...

Bored now.

::flays some bloggers::

A feisty red-headed sidekick's work is never done, either!

Lois Lane said...

Cake! Stop flaying the Internet this instant! I mean it!

Seriously. Calm down. Here. Take Mr. Gordo.

Now? All better?

::ducks, narrowly avoids jaunty hat getting flayed::

Jayne said...

Argghhhh. I think I was caught in the crossfire. It's all going dark. So cold.


(I fell to the floor in slow motion with my arms flailing about in the air. )