Monday, October 22, 2007

A Romantic Interlude

So even a rough and tough guy like me has his softer side.

The other night at the house, after some guests left, Wifey and I (Wifey) cleaned up and we're getting ready for bed.

The dishes were done,candles were out, dog was settled.

Wifey sits up on the counter and were talking about the kids, and the week ahead, and just all around winding down when she looks me in the eye with that look of a woman in love.

And who can blame her?

So anyhow, I'm standing close to her, we just had an anniversary, and we feel very lucky to be with each other.

It's special. Nobody is around. It's late.

Wifey looks deep in my eyes again....and here is what happened next:

ME: "I'm really glad we met."

WIFEY: "You look like a kangaroo."


cake said...

That's what you look's been driving me nuts.

You know, your type is a real menace in Australia. Better never travel there...who knows what they'd do.

Anonymous said...

Side note:

Regardless of which pile of laundry I may or may not root for, any time a team pulls off two comebacks as the Sox have (yeah, I'm counting 2004) props are in order.

NoOprah, Cake, Bacon, Lois, Sparkle and all other Red Sox fans: You've earned your swelled chests.

Wait 'til next year.

-- Lamont "Sore Winner" Cranston

cake said...

Yer a classy guy, Lamont. Maybe we'll invite you to the victory party after all!

Anonymous said...


Excellent. What color bow tie goes with a Yankees #12 Roger Clemens jersey?

I'm thinking Rockies purple.

-- Lamont "Todd Helton Is My Homeboy" Cranston

Sparkle Plenty said...

Holy cow! I think I have a girl-crush on your wife. (Are you one of them boxin' kangaroos?)

Lamont: I was playing with a ouija board this weekend, and Nelson De La Rosa asked me to apologize to you. At least I think that's what he said--why would he apologize to Cranston, Rhode Island?

cake said...

Oh were soooo close.

::tears up his party invite::

Sparkle Plenty said...

Sheesh, Lamont! I didn't earn my swelled chest; it kind of just popped up naturally. I'm not sure how NoOprah and Bacon got theirs--maybe growth hormones in milk?

Anonymous said...


Regarding NoOprah and Bacon... well, what can I say? Some people will do anything to be popular.

I suspect they stuff, though...


I wouldn't want to go to any party that would invite me. Let me know where to bring the cookies.

-- Lamont "Natural B And Proud Of It" Cranston"

Clinky said...

I'm pretty sure you can get that pouch surgically removed.

bacon ace said...

Hey man I'm all natural. The only thing stuffed into my chest is metal. Uh wait...that's not natural at all.

Jayne said...

Well hello there Skippy.

Anonymous said...


Aw, that's just bush!

-- Lamont "Boomer" Cranston