Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Lucky Hat

So last night we're going to a friends house to watch the Red Sox playoff game and I decide to wear my 'lucky hat'. It was never my lucky hat before that, but I assumed the Red Sox would win the game and then I'd have a 'lucky hat'. And everyone wants to own a lucky hat, correct?

Are you following the logic?

So anyhow....we're leaving my house and Wifey says: "Why are you wearing the hat?"

ME: "Well....I don't like my haircut (I don't tell her it's my new lucky hat) and the hat covers it."

WIFEY: "It makes your head look small."

ME: "The hat makes my head look small?" ::takes it off...looks in mirror...puts it back on...looks in mirror....takes it off...looks in miror...puts it back on::

WIFEY: "It makes your head look small...your haircut looks nice!"

ME: ::puts hat on:: "Let's go."

Flash forward five hours later: SOX give up 7 runs in the 11th inning to lose game.

So to sum up:

My lucky hat had a bad first day on the job. My head is the size of a baseball. My haircut is stupid. Wifey is smarter than me.

I'll be wearing my lucky hat Monday night for game 3. My head will be the size of a baseball.

The hat is a ballcap....and it aint jaunty.


t said...

Please don't wear your lucky hat! I am seeing visions of Gagne all because of your hat...

I Ain't No Oprah said...

If I didn't have the hat on Gagne would have given up 86 runs.

And stole my sandwich or something.

So maybe it WAS lucky, huh?

t said...

nice try...leave the hat at home and show off your nice new hair cut.

and who eats sandwiches at a ball game?

motheragawd said...

To sum up: You still don't have a lucky hat. Lose the hat.

Lois Lane said...

"...and it ain't jaunty"

Well, duh. There's your problem.

cake said...

I wore my hat on Friday night, when the Sox won by a LOT.

I wasn't wearing it on Saturday night.

To sum up? My hat is lucky and NoOprah's is not.

I'm very sorry about time he comes back to Canada for a visit, I'll personally make sure he's maple-syruped and feathered and run out of town in a dress.

Sparkle Plenty said...

I was really hoping your lucky hat was a Gilligan hat.