Friday, October 26, 2007

Reprinting of last years blog

(I posted this in 2006 on October 27th. Thought I would do so again. Maybe I'll get some candy or something by showing my sensitive side)

Things always work out for me. Good seats at concerts. The last piece of cake. Refunds from insurance companies. All sorts of small things just seem to go my way. Wifey thinks I'm lucky. It aint luck. Things just work out somehow.

So anyhow...two years ago I get a phone call that my Mom might be dying and to get to the hospital. I hang up the phone and in walks Bacon Ace who runs the store for me while I rush off to the hospital. (Would I have closed the store if he didn't show up?) I get to the hospital, meet my brother there, and then find out Mom died about ten minutes before. Possibly the most horrible thing thats ever happened to me. Me and Bro decide to go straight to the funeral home and make the arrangements, tie up all loose ends, and then go home.I

'm at home. My Mom just died. And I'm sitting there. And I'm watching TV. The Red Sox. The fourth game of the 2004 World Series. And they win. The Boston Red Sox WIN the World Series a couple of hours after my Mom dies. The Boston Red Sox. I'm jumping for joy on the day my Mom dies. I run to a friends house in the neighborhood and toast the Red Sox. On the day my Mom dies. It's very strange. I've loved the Red Sox more than any 'thing' in my life and they go and win the World Series on October 27, 2004. The day Mom died.

Like I said...things work out for me in some weird way. How can I relate something as trivial as the Red Sox winning to my Mom's death? The Red Sox winning wasn't trivial. It was awesome. And Moms death was horrible. They just happened on the same day.

It's actually kinda cool. When I think of that glorious moment of Foulke getting the ball and tossing it to Minky at first...I think of Mom. And when I think of Mom...I think of the Red Sox. I'm sure there is some hidden goofy metaphor about life and death and stuff that I could prattle on about, but there aint. My Mom died and the Red Sox won the World Series two years ago today.

I miss those 2004 Red Sox. And I miss my Mom.

(I hope next October some relative I don't like dies and the Red Sox win again.)


Sparkle Plenty said...

Well: I'd give you candy, but all I have are these crates of "okay" Reese's Peanut Butter Cups lying around and you deserve better.

And: I guess I could send you a virtual hug, but that makes you vomit in your mouth.

So: Thank you very much for reprinting this; it is very worth reprinting and remembering.

And, goodness gracious! Have a lovely weekend. Go Sox.

motheragawd said...

So who's on death watch? Cuz it's two-and-oh, baby!

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Three more days for one of my crappy relatives to die!*

*and for the Sox to win the World Series

cake said...

Would it count if one of my crappy relatives died? I have a few who probably wouldn't be "missed."

Spud said...

I will always be thankfull for your Mom for taking you, your bro and sis away from California (that God forsaken part of the country) and bringing you up here to share you all with us. Truly most of the best times of my life.

Tex said...

ok I was being my normal cocky self till you had to get all sappy again.

I remember this post and got all teary eyed then...and now.

PVs to you and I know you're Mom is enjoying the game.
(do ya think she could tell the Big Guy to put in a good word for us?)

cake said...

Congrats to IANO's Lucky Hat for winning us all the World Series!

::raises a glass to The Hat::