Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Congratulations Hillllary!

You filthy whore.


cake said...

How would you know she's a whore unless you...


You PAID HER!? Eww!

Lois Lane said...

And apparently, all the ranting a few days ago about soaping up and showering were directed towards her as well.

Barack Obama said...


borat obama said...


Redbeard76 said...

On a side note, did anyone notice McCain's hot trophy wife? Hard to believe she's 54. I spell it B-O-T-O-X.

cake said...

She looks more like an android to me, actually.

mrs. mccain said...

Meow! Cake's catty!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cake.

A kid asked me today what was up with McCain's wife, and I said it's called "PLASTIC SURGERY."

Meow to both of us. Pass the Kibbles & Bits. And some Botox.

And by the way, the first candidate whose universal health care plan includes cosmetic surgery would get the vote of every single woman in this country. And Hoagy's.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, I'm not anonymous. Just retarded.

I mean developmentally delayed.


Hillllary said...

::sniff sniff:: thank you but I'm the bitch. monica's the whore

wifey said...

Oh Jesus, I'm coming Hil,
I'm commmmmming!!!!"

You're coming, and I'm getting a little tired of this, Nophie baby.

You're on the couch until we get you some counseling about your "little mistakes".

asian cowgirl said...

that's very diplomatic of you sir. Hey, you know, all these chicks are all excited about the idea of a female president, but what they fail to acknowledge is what that means:

1) The U.S. will be waging war on everyone and their f-ing dog...on a 28-day cycle

2)We'll have a week out of every month where there will be a public apology speech from the oval office...or should I say from the OVARY office...blaming the latest and greatest mistake in international affairs on raging pms.

cake said...

Asian Cowgirl:

And all that's different from now, how exactly?

Hey, maybe Bush is a girl...lots would be explained.

::ducks and hides::

Sparkle Plenty said...

The big question: How did Tweezerman(man man man--superhero echo effect) do?

Woo-hoo! Juanita/Bemisdown is back!

cake said...

We missed you Bemisdown...see how out of control IANO has gotten since you vanished? I hope you can steer him back onto the straight and narrow.

I mean...he slept with Hillary...and he PAID to do it! Do you think there's hope for him???

Anonymous said...

Hi Sparkle!!!

And Cake, I think IANO should call Bill and start practicing some really convincing responses to tough questions, considering the tapes and all.

CankleGate. Be prepared America.