Wednesday, January 16, 2008

True story, swear to god.

So last night I'm kneeling down to say goodnight to my puppy and I'm pattin' her head and scratchin' behind her ears and stuff.

And when I get up I notice my zipper was down so I zipped it back up.

Right about then Wifey says to me in horror:

"Was she licking you!!???"


Jayne said...

Well, was she?

Redbeard76 said...

Ixnay on the eanutpay utterbay.

Jayne said...

Hang on...

A tip for you:

If not then you need to smear on a different brand of dog food. That should do it.

cake said...

Okay, well at least we now know why IANO thinks his puppy is the best.

And let us never speak of this again.

Hillllary clinton said...

And I thought Bill was a sick freak. Hmph.

Jed said...

I's loves me some sheep.

jed's sister-wife said...

JED! Y'all told me yed stopped visitationing the sheeps! Goldarn it, man, yah know I's ain't competin' with no ewwwwe. Y'all be sleepin' in the truck come nighttime and see if ya don't.

Probably not Cousin Saul said...

What if the Beatles sang about bestiality?

-Back in the D.O.G.G.Y.
-Love me Rover
-Mean Mr. Animal Warden
-Happiness is a Warm Greyhound

Jayne said...

The Long and Winding Dog Hole (or something)

cake said...

- We All Live For a Yellow Labrador
- He Came in Through...

No, I just can't do this, never mind.

::goes to take a shower::

cake said...

(Well, a mental shower, anyways, since I'm at work and they would frown at me showering in my office...I think.)

cousin saul said...


I Ain't No Oprah said...

I Wanna Lick Your "Hand"

Happiness Is A Warm Tongue

Lick It To Ride

The Drool On The "Hill"

Sparkle Plenty said...

No Oprah has a puppy!

What is his name?

Where did he get the puppy?

jed said...

Her name is Lily and he got her from Mexico.

maddog said...

Unless of course, Wifey finished her statement by saying, ''cause that's our thing.'' As she attempted to hide the jar of peanut butter she was carrying.

Anonymous said...

Cake beat me to it.

I was going to say absolutely, positively, that NoOprah's puppy was the best.

And I still do, for I have the ring of objectivity around me.

No, wait, that's just ringworm...

-- Lamont "Canine Distemper" Cranston

cake said...

It figures that a post about bestiality would bring out someone called "madaboutdogs."



Umm, sorry maddog!

Anonymous said...

Leave My Kitten Alone (Needs no modification)

Martha My Dear (Needs no modification)

Baby's in Bark

Ballad of John and Barko

Dog a Pony

And Your Breed Can Sing

Helter Shelter

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Bite

I Saw Her Scratching There

When I'm 13 (In Dog Years, That's 64)

Norwegian Woof (Mmm, Swedish Erodoga!)

I've Just Sniffed a Faeces

You Really Got a Bite On Me

Hey Bulldy- er, dog

Pleasing Mr. Postman (Can go here, can go under "What If The Beatles Sang About Porn?" In fact, so can "The Continuing Sodomy of Bungalow Bill." Whee!)

-- Lamont "And I'm Available for Pet-Sitting, Too!" Cranston