Saturday, January 19, 2008

R.I.P. Sam The Butcher

::squeezes Ann B. Davis::


cake said...

Thanks, now I have the Brady Bunch theme song in my head AGAIN.

Is there a Free Hotline I can call to get this taken care of!?

jed said...

Phoning. It. In.

1. Maxwells Silver Cleaver

2. Sgt. Chopper's Boney Parts Club Band.

3.Hey Sam

4.The Long and Winding Rump Roast

5.I Am The Tenderloin


me too said...

6.Lovely Meat-a

i'm a meat lover, really said...

7. She Cut in Through the Leftside Flank-o

8. Why Don't We Grill it in the Road

9. I Wanna Hold Your Ham

10. When I'm 64 Degrees I'm Not Cooked

11. Let It Beef

12. Ob-la-rump, ob-la-roast

unclear on the concept said...

13. Tofu and Sprouts!

lily said...

Mmmm, gimme silica over steak any day, senor!

iano's puppy said...

I prefer IANO to silica.

Tex said...

I.A.N.O., you know you just wanted to cop a feel by squeezing her

Sparkle Plenty said...

And R.I.P. Suzanne Pleshette, too! Suzanne Pleshette ROCKED. What a great dame.

Lois Lane said...

::squeezes Bob Newhart::

older fella from de nort' countree said...

Bang bang Henshaw's silver hammer
Came down on Bilko's head
Bang bang Henshaw's silver hammer
Made sure
That Phil was dead