Thursday, January 17, 2008

That Would Be A Hoot

Yesterday I mentioned my puppy. Well, said puppy is 'paper trained' (kinda) and goes out to the garage and does her business on newspapers.

But we don't get newspapers anymore because we read all of our news online.

But we still need the newspapers for Puppy's business, so Wifey usually takes the newspapers out of the neighbors recycle bin and the Puppy uses those.

You see what's coming, correct?

Now what happens when the neighbors start getting all of THEIR news online? Will Puppy start crapping on their computer?

Man O' Man....I sure hope so. It's why we have the expression "That would be a hoot."


cake said...

My puppy is still better than yours.

cake said...

Better better better BEST!

cake said...

Bestest EVER!

nobody said...


jed said...

Ahh use newzpapers in th'outhouse, aint nuffin' wrong with dat, goldarn it.

cake said...
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