Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Paul McCartney has heart surgery


It's almost too easy, huh? But I'll resist.

Should I mention how sick of ham and cookies I am? Cuz I'm sick of ham and cookies. I ate ham 8 straight days. I don't remember the last day I didn't eat cookies. Ham and cookies.

Should I tell you about the chocolates someone gave me? There were maybe 8 chocolates in this Christmas Tree shaped candy holder tray thingy. And I ate the 8 chocolates. And I still wanted more chocolates....and then lo and behold I discovered the greatest thing of all time.....the candy tray holder thingy was made of Chocolate! A chocolate tray made for holding chocolate!

I ate the tray.

>>>>Must resist....Paul McCartney heart surgery Beatles game....*cough*cough*...must....resist....urge....<<<

1. All Things Must ByPass

2. Maxwell's Silver Scalpel

STOP!! Resist.....Beatles game is for losers! LOSERS!

3. Back in the U.S.O.R.

4. Open Backed Johnnie Be Good

5. The Long And Winding Scar

STOP!!! It's January 2nd and already idea-less!

6. Surgeon Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band


No more.

Maybe I'll just tell the story of the retar....ummm....stupid Indian guys that come in and don't shut my door. Why don't they shut the door? Is a door holy like a cow? It's a fact that Indian guys shut doors less than any other peoples. I've done the research.

I've got nothing.


cake said...

And lo' the apocalypse was upon us as IANO, in his wisdom, declared:

"I am sick of cookies."

Take cover, my brothers and sisters! For fire and pestilence is next!

god said...

I did try and warn her to quit with the sinning and taking my name in vain but would she listen? Oh noooooo...she left me no choice but to get on with the apocalypse.

cookie lovin' indian guy said...

I hate chew!

Redbeard76 said...

Give leftover ham and cookies to Indian dudes not closing the door. Maybe that would help keeping the door closed? Problem solved.

And poor Sir Paul Mac? Well all the stress of being married to Heather Mills, is it any wonder really? Poor bloke.

Tex said...

who eats ham and cookies for christmas?

indian guys?? you mean Native Americans?

bacon ace said...

You know a "Please close door behind you" sign may actually work more than griping on the internet where the offenders will likely never read it. Just a thought. Or, hey! How a bout a self closing door ya caveman?

heather mills said...

Ah HAHHAHAHA! I broke his heart.

Now he owes me half his estate or else I'll have another screaming hissy fit.

cake said...

IANO is a caveman!? Suddenly much is explained.

raging paul said...

Limp out of here while you still can!!!

cake said...

::flees blog::

::leaves door hanging open behind her::