Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ponder this for a bit.

Hilllary Clinton might possibly be the ugliest person on the planet.

We all agree on this, correct?

Now just imagine how much uglier she'll get when she ages more.

Is this something the human mind can even comprehend? You take the ugliest and make it uglier. That's ugly. Real, real ugly.

To be fair....her hair looks okay once in a while. For a man-broad.

My vow:
If she wins the election I will mention her hideous looks every single day she is in office. I will also mention her hideous looks when she is partaking in illegal land deals and payola schemes.

This I promise.

Unless I change my mind.


Hillary said...

So that was just pillow talk the other night? *cries*

cake said...

Dear God:

I know I take your name in vain all the time and sin and curse and all that but please oh please I'll give it all up if you just let Hillary win the next election.


dear god said...

The next election is actually for assitant landfill coordinator.


'Hillary Clinton wins by a landslide!'

cake said...

Dear God:

I hate chew! I'm gonna spend the rest of the day sinning.


Redbeard76 said...

So to sum up:

Vote for John Edwards.

cake said...

I'm tired of pondering now.

just pondering said...

I wonder what Hillary is like in bed?

heavy helen said...

I'm been called ponderous.

steak lover said...

Did someone say Ponderosa? I love Ponderosa!

a swimmer said...

I was once diagnosed with Pond Rosa but some antibiotics fixed me all up.

italian chess lover said...

And then-a my pawns a rose-a up and I won-a the game!

a limey said...

Across the Ponder, we call pondering "rousering"...as in "Rouser on this for a bit."