Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't even THINK about doing what I did this morning.

It was horrible.

I knew it the moment I started.

If you did it to me there is a very good chance I would stab you.

And then I'd stab you again IN the same stab hole.

And again.

Then I'd stab you some more. Same stab hole.

So don't even think about doing what I did.

It's just wrong.

A stab worthy incident that I certainly wouldn't tolerate.

But guess what? I might to it every Friday.

Doesn't mean you can.

But if you do.

Stab. And again. Same stab hole.

So To Sum Up:

I'm gonna mow my lawn every Friday morning pronto at 7:30 am. If you choose to do the same thing on a different day Mr. NeighborBoy, imagine what hot steel wedged in your belly will feel like.

I need my sleep Saturday-Thursday


cake said...

Oh god, you're one of those.

::stabs him::

Anonymous said...

Can I move into your attic and practice my drums at 4:30 am?

-- Lamont "Ah ha ha ha ha ha -- WIPE-out..." Cranston

cake said...

I can do better than that, Lamont...the city is doing construction on my street and they start at 7am.

As soon as they're done, I'm sending them to IANO's.

Tex said...

bacon ace said...
Come on Tex, you just want to see IANO in his Daisy Dukes getting all soapy now don't you?

just had to bring this comment over from the previous post...and now i get to see IANO in his daisy dukes mowing the lawn too :)

::puts earplugs in thursday nights::

cake said...

Dearest Bacon and Tex:

Ask yourselves, did any of us really need to picture IANO in pink undies and a crop-top, washing his car and then wringing the sponge out over his head in a sexy manner?


Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done.

Thank you.


Tex said...

Dearest Cake,

YW K thnx



Anonymous said...


Two words.

NoOprah Cameltoe.

Sleep well.

-- Lamont "I Can Still See!" Cramston