Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life Changers

Remember how the first time you heard Ronald Reagan speak you knew that he was special?

Or maybe the first time you saw Tiger Woods.

You KNEW these guys would change the world in their own special way.

You can substitute Ronnie and Tiger for whoever you want that you think of as Life Changers.

Some folks even thought it was Hillary. Or Gary Coleman. Or someone.

But anyhow...

Last night I was speaking with a 22 year old woman and I realized that this person was going to change the world.

Maybe not for you. Maybe not for me.

But for Carter. Or the Carter in the future.

Or someone.

Or a bunch of someones.

That woman is my oldest daughter. (and she's way better than Hillary or Gary Coleman)


cake said...

Everytime you mention her here she seems more special. Clearly ya done good.

(Not a smart comment in sight, how about the calendar, it won't happen again for awhile!)

Redbeard76 said...

You're a bit tardy for a Father's Day post.

Lois Lane said...

Yep, she sounds like a good egg. And she's already changed the world--for you, the missus and everyone she's met.

Gawd, now I'm getting sappy. And no kids around to hug. Where's the infrastructure?

corky said...

Wait. I thought your oldest daughter was a retard. I'm confused. (and VERY slow)

gal from new zealand said...

Of course she is going to change the world - she wants to teach! And she's a woman!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Y'know, from the little glimpses you provide here and there in your posts, I think that both of your daughters sound like the coolest young women imaginable. Betcha both of 'em are going to change the world for the better--for someone or a bunch of someones--in special, and probably profoundly different, ways.

(I want very badly to make a joke about realizing how very, very, very special Ronald Reagan was the first time I heard him speak, but I shall abstain.)

Tex said...

Women Rulz da world.

Incredible Hulk said...

Hulk think Betty is most special woman, Hulk SMASH your woman!

Spidey said...

Well I hit the jackpot Tiger! (or something)....

Anonymous said...

Oldest daughter WILL change the world...but not until she gets a truly bad song written especially for her-from an old goat to a newbie, I think she'd love to hear this song. It sums it all up.

You don't get bonuses, you don't get kudos from your bosses, but you get THIS kind of stuff from your students, and it's actually priceless.

So oldest daughter of IANO-if you want to know why you're doing what you're doing for a living, have Papa Bear request that I send you a copy of my "Special Bad Song..." It's one of my many "teacher treasures," and why I continue to do what I do after so many years.

But as soon as I win the lottery I'll send you a postcard from Bora Bora-I'm not THAT sentimental.