Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"You are now adults blahblahblahPeanutsTeacherVoice..."

So I'm at my daughter's high school graduation the other day when one of the speakers gives the speech about how they are now adults snooooozzzzzzzzeeeee.....change the world snooooooozzzzzeeeee.....your responsibilty blah blah blah snooze.....ADULTS.....

...and then it happened.

One lone beach ball started getting hit in the air all through the field house where the graduation was held.

And now nobody was listening to the speaker as all eyes were on the beach ball. Smackin' off graduation caps! Side of the face! Students waiting for their chance to hit said beach ball.

...and then it happened.

Dr. Beach Ball grabbed the beach ball from a student and walked out near an exit, pulled out his pocket knife and stabbed the beach ball.

There will be no more distraction in Dr. Beach Balls Field House during graduation.

...and then it happened.

Another glorious beach ball rose above the crowd! There was joy in Mudville!

...and then it happened.

Dr. Beach Ball scowled. He waited to get his hands on said beach ball. He got it, stabbed it, and watched.

...and then it happened.

Yet another beach ball (adorned with fish) floated above the crowd! Anarchy ruled!

...and then it happened.

My daughter's grandfather who was sitting next to me.... smiled. Anarchy had a friend in Grandpa.

...and then it happened.

Dr. Beach Ball scowled even more. Stabbed even harder.

....and then it happened.

Anarchy was the boss of this graduation!

....and then it happened.

Dr. Beach Ball rounded up an army of gestapo agents to stop the beach ball assault.

...and then it haappened.

The graduating class of 2008 turned to their back up plan.

Bubbles. Squirt guns. Whatever else they could get their hands on.

So to the class of 2008....I salute you!

You're adults. With responsibilities.


cake said...

Yer sentimental side is showing. ::passes the kleenex::

Lois Lane said...

::makes note to stock up on beach balls and squirt guns for Jak-El's preschool graduation later in the month::

1. That's very, very cool. Congrats to daughter.

2. The then Governor of RI spoke at my high school graduation, because the father of one of my classmates worked for him. He was so boring I was glad I would soon be able to vote, so I could vote against him.

3. I don't remember who spoke at my college graduation, but she was boring too.

4. Dr. Beach Ball...I bet all the other villians beat him up at the Legion of Doom cookouts.

Redbeard76 said...

::builds brick-reinforced house of cards on Dr. Beach Ball's stage::

Sparkle Plenty said...

...and then it happened.

This really made me laugh.

So to the class of 2008...I salute them!

They're adults. With beach balls.

And I have GREAT faith in the future of our country now.

*My favorite part is "Anarchy had a friend in grandpa."

my graduation was boring said...

What if the Beatles...well, you know the drill:

- Mean Doctor Beach Ball
- Happiness is a Tasselled Cap
- The Continuing Story of Bungling Dr. Beach Ball
- Youngest in the Fieldhouse with Bubbles

cake said...

Has anyone else noticed that IANO's gentle posts get a lot less comments than his Hitler ones? I wonder what that says about his audience...

Congrats to daughter, too...and her graduating class sure knows how to have a party.

David'Z RantZ said...

I was waiting for the part about the ritualistic human sacrifice...

But other than that, it was pretty cool.

And your opening version of The Typical Graduation Speech was right on, of course.

And Lois? "I was glad I would soon be able to vote, so I could vote against him." Great line!

Adolf said...

I found this post very touching.

Your daughter...she is blonde and blue-eyed, correct?

bacon ace said...

I just love that they had a backup plan.

And yes "Anarchy had a friend in grandpa" is one for the ages.