Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where the loyalties lie.Or sit. Maybe stand.

About ten years ago The Hoag got married (to A Woman) and numerous people gave them gift certificates to nice restaurants in The City.

Well, The Hoag and A Woman moved away from The City and the gift certificates sat untouched in a drawer. And over the years I kept mentioning to The Hoag that maybe Me and Him should lift those gift certificates out of storage and use the darn things.

Because they were just sitting there unused. Ya know?

But we never got around to it.

So anyhow this past Christmas comes around and I thought what a great idea gift certificates to nice restaurants in The City would be, so I bought Wifey some.

And we went to use one this past Saturday. Only problem?

The Restaurant is out of business.

So now I (Wifey) had a useless gift certificate.

But so did The Hoag and A Woman, remember? (useless=sitting in a drawer for ten years)

So I formed my plan and presented it to The Hoag:

ME: "Why don't we take my 'out of business' gift certificate and swap it with one of the ones in your many years later I doubt your A Woman will even remember which ones you'll be a victimless crime!"

THE HOAG: "I'm not gonna collude against my wife to feed you."


Moral of the story?

Baby bear has finally left the den.


cake said...

I'm just impressed that Baby Bear knows a word like "collude."

stuckwithacomb said...

That's grammatically incorrect.
I said "I'm not going to collude with you against my wife...on this."

I Ain't No Oprah said...

That's right!

I was paraphrasing!

What should we collude on, Baby Bear?

Redbeard76 said...

Gimme sammich.

Lois Lane said...

Wait. I'm confused. I thought Hoagy was your wife.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Stedman is IANO's lifemate, isn't he?

Collude=an outstanding word.

(If we're talking about a bear, the loyalties might dance around, thus explaining the shift.)

probably not hoagy said...

What if the Beatles sang about Baby Bear?

- All You Need is a Cub
- Twist and Poof
- Tasselman
- Let it Be Versace
- Rocky Baby Bear

waiting for the corn to cook said...

Nobody else wanted to play?!

You're colluding with Baby Bear against me, arentcha!