Friday, June 27, 2008

Gone Fishin' Part 2

I leave you with the word of the day:



cake said...

Pass the potatoes? Thanks.

heavy helen said...

- All You Need is Taters
- Old Brown Gravy
- A Taste of Gravy
- Everybody's Trying to be my Gravy
- Fixing a Hole (in my Potatoes)
- I Want You (She's so Gravy)

mashy mctater said...

Maxwell's Silver Gravy Boat

tater mcmashy said...

- Gotta Get You Into my Potatoes
- Sgt. Potatoes Lonely Hearts Club Mash
- You Never Give Me Your Gravy

cake said...

I see we have a bunch of gravy hatemongers around these parts.

A pox on you all!

Sparkle Plenty said...

1) Boat.
2) Wavy.
3) Nope--I don't call it gravy, I call it spaghetti sauce.
4) Extra gravy for #4.

Chupacabra in the bushes said...

When I swab bread in the bacon frying pan is that considered "gravy"?

just sayin' said...


Lois Lane said...

Someone should put away this gravy. It's gettin' a little moldy.

heavy helen said...

Wasted gravy!? Outta my way!

Anonymous said...

Wild Party in NoOprah's Retail Establishment!

Hey, do you think all this colored paper could be used as confetti?

What's an EC, anyway?

-- Lamont "Basil Wolverton Is My Homeboy" Cranston

Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear Lamont,

Please get a blog. No, I don't wanna hear that old blahedy-blah about why you don't have one, Lamont (although it is impeccably well-reasoned and elegantly written blahedy-blah). Start a blog and post one word in it per day. That's it. Just one word. I'll make the blog for you. I'll make the blog WITH you.*

To sum up: Gravy.


*Yes. I know. I have dinosaurs I should be writing about. I'll hush up now.

Lois Lane said...

Dear Sparkle,

The reason Lamont doesn't have a blog is that Lamont is actually a head in a jar and is the property of a corporation in Nebraska.

Yours in truthiness,

cake said...

::skids in, gasping and waving infrastructure::

Am I late for the party?? It's a long run from Lois's backyard...though I'm really glad she didn't check under the kiddy pool in the back yard, I needed that long rest after all the partying we did while she was away.

What's Lamont shredding? And do you think IANO would mind if we rearranged things a bit to make way for the band?

Lois Lane said...

Just make sure to use something as a coaster for your drinks.

Here, take these yellowed old magazines with pictures of superheroes on them. They look old, so I'm sure IANO won't mind.

And remember, take them out of the plastic first, so you don't ruin the nice bags.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear Lois,

Thank you for this helpful serving of truthiness! Lamont is a head in a jar that is the property of a corporation in Nebraska? WICKED DECENT!!! I can think of NO BETTER BLOG than one featuring a head in a jar! Let's roll him on out of there! Get Cake! I smell caper!

Yours very ready for a road trip to Nebraska,

eva said...

For NoOprah:

cousin saul said...

I haven't gone my blog.