Thursday, June 05, 2008 is the Anti-Christ.

You think I kid?

About something like Anti Christs?

I think not.

So I buy a dishwasher online from Sears (anti christ) and I opt for delivery and installation.

Delivery and installation is $229.00 (On a $750.00 machine) I'm at about $980.00 plus tax. $1028 ish.

And now they're ready to deliver it and they mention:

A Plumbing 'permit fee' of $35.00

An Electrical 'permit fee' of $35.00

An Electrical 'Reconnect ::snicker:: fee' of $69.99.

So my $749.99 dishwasher is now $1157.47. (Installation is around 50% on a freakin' dishwasher)

So I went to my town hall and asked about the fees.

Turns out Sears got the fees wrong (Lied)

So I cancel said diswasher. Go down to my local appliance center, order the exact one, and save 326 large.

I don't care what someone charges. I do care about weasel charges.

So to sum up: The anti-christ

Local Appliance Center=The Jesus


bacon ace said...

"I do care about weasel charges."

Especially considering that mine came free with a whole family of weasels.

Roebuck said...

They skrood me too.

autistic man who missed the point said...

Kmart sucks.

Incredible Hulk said...


(uh, now Hulk have no computer....)

cake said...

"So I went to my town hall and asked about the fees."

I'm now picturing you living in a little wee village and driving your pony and cart to the centre of town to bug The Mayor about fees and taxes.

I'm not sure why.

(Cute outfit, though.)

cake said...

I could've warned you about Sears, though...they wanted half the cost of my patio furniture just to deliver the stuff six blocks. Morons.

Lois Lane said...

To sum up:

Some folks will spend a lot of money to avoid dishpan hands.

David'Z RantZ said...

I was trying to come up with some witty play on words involving "seersucker suits" and "Sears sucks," but I'm too tired.

Somebody make up their own joke, and pay me 50%.

Thank you.