Monday, October 06, 2008

Another installment of...IT WAS FUNNIER IN PERSON THEATRE

OLDEST DAUGHTER: "DAD!! ...Mom is being creepy!"

WIFEY: "I'm not doing anything!"

ME: "What is your mother doing?"

OLDEST: "She's whispering creepy things in my ear."

WIFEY: "I am not."

ME: "What is she whispering?"

OLDEST: "She just whispered to me in a creepy voice that she's going upstairs to change into something more comfortable."

ME: "Where is she now?"

OLDEST: "She went upstairs."

ME: "To do what?"

OLDEST: "To change her clothes."

ME: "Into what?"

OLDEST: "Something more comfortable."


cake said...

Quit creeping me out.

Clinky said...

I just hope she doesn't come back downstairs wearing some sort of clincher...

Sparkle Plenty said...

I KNEW nakey pictures of Sarah Palin would pop up! Eeyew! I can almost see, uh, Russia from here.

Lois Lane said...

Oh lord! Hysterical blindness not coming on quickly enough! I need to impalin myself in the eye.

::randomly jabs pen into eyeball::

Crap! Now I can't stop winking!

the brit said...

That is so Wifey! I miss her, when will I see you both again (you have to sing that btw) I guess you're still mad at me .....