Monday, October 27, 2008

Our new feature starts TODAY!


ME: "Patriots are now in first place!"

MADDOG: "They're
tied for first place."

ME: But they're in first place."

MADDOG: "Tied for first place."

ME: "That's first place."


ME: "So you and Hubby are never gonna let me live that blog down, are you?"

SALLEE Da BRIT: "Probably not"

ME: "So...that new perfume and skin lotion on the counter...have you found a place for it?"

WIFEY: "Yes."


YOUNGEST DAUGHTER: "Happy Birthday, Dad!"

ME: "You didn't know it was my birthday did you? Your mother had to tell you!"

YOUNGEST: "Whatever."


ME: "Where did you go?"

WIFEY: "We went to Salem."

ME: "Was it cool?"

WIFEY: "Very. Some folks were dressed up. And there were some real witches dressed up. You could tell they were real witches."



ME to guy with vomit all over his shirt: "Hi...what are you dressed up as?"

GUY: "I don't feel so well."

ME: "But what are you dressed up as?"

GUY: "A guy that doesn't feel so well."


CASHIER: "I don't have enough change for you."

ME: "What would you like me to do?"

CASHIER: "Buy something else."

ME: ::::Buys $7.00 more of windshield washer::::



Sparkle Plenty said...

If the new Snippets feature was a Beatle, I'd vote for it.

Actually, the Snippets picture is a close-up of the vomit on the guy's t-shirt, correct?

cake said...

Me: ::thinking, "Oh good, a new IANO is up!::

::reads IANO::

(This has been a snippet of a comment. Or something.)

Kathy said...

I saw "snippets" and thought of "sniglets".

I miss sniglets.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Oh, yeah! I forgot.

To sum up: Snip.

mulderjoe said...

Wasn't that Rich Hall? Sniglets? There's a guy with a career.

I think he dressed as a guy with barfshirt.

cake said...

I can't believe none of us thought to ask what IANO was dressed as for the party.

(::writes down her guess: "A Republican comic book shop owner in jeans and a shirt"...folds up paper and waits to see if she was right::)

Sparkle Plenty said...

He got an event gown from the flower shop!

bacon ace said...

Happy birthday dad.

A customer yesterday though IANO was my father.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Only because she knows I slept with your Mom.

Tex said... had a birthday party and didnt invite ME????? But MY birthday is coming up...we coulda had a double Birthday Party

Demos vs the Repubs

cake said...

I think IANO wins zinger of the day.