Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Aunt Mary

People often ask me how I got so smart. By the end of this post you will know why.

A few months ago my cousin and her husband moved out to the southwest and bought a home.

{Factoid #1....I grew up in the southwest}

Said home needed some landscaping.

Well, in the southwest, because of lack of water, folks landscape using cactus and other plants that don't need much water.

So my cousin was talking to her Mom (Aunt Mary)(You would probably like Aunt Mary)....

...and Aunt Mary suggested she call up my Dad because he designed all of the cactus landscaping at my house when I lived in the southwest. It was awesome.

{Factoid #2...My Dad has been dead for 46 years.}

So how did I get so smart you ask? Well...I've got me some of that Aunt Mary blood flowing thru my body.


Anonymous said...

Factoid 3: The shock would kill Aunt Mary if she found out you were really Spider-Man.
Factoid 4; Your dad would still be alive if you had only stopped that burglar.

cake said...

Factoid 5: There is no factoid for #5.

Factoid 6: I have a cactus here at my office desk...I'll name it Aunt Mary in her honour.

Factoid 7: I ate too much food yesterday. *hic*

cousin saul said...

1. Rocky Raccoon
2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
3. If I....huh? Oh sorry...I guess I misunderstood today's blog.

Redbeard76 said...

Factoid #8: Barack Obama was 2 years old when terrorists killed IANO's dad.

mulderjoe said...

Maybe Aunt Mary has a really, really good phone.

Kathy said...

Does Wifey ever weigh in on your smarts/similarity to Aunt Mary?

David'Z RantZ said...

If you look really closely at the cactus on the left, you can see an image of Jesus.

bacon ace said...

"Does Wifey ever weigh in on your smarts/similarity to Aunt Mary?"

Did you just call Wifey fat? Oh no you didn't!

sassy mccheekypants said...

Dearest Saul:

- All You Need is a Blog Entry
- The Continuing Story of Procrastinating, umm, Saul
- Twist and Get That Next Chapter Written
- Eight Blogs a Year
- Polythene Procrastinator
- Happiness is a Warm Sun(beam)

aunt mary said...

That's not Jesus, David, that's IANO's dad.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Word of Day #1: Xeriscaping!

Fact #1: I would like your Aunt Mary very much.

Hypothesis #1: Maybe your Aunt Mary is trying to send you a subtle message that your father was not so much who you assume he was and is still alive!

Quote of Day #1: Every family has its Fredo! Except Bilbo Baggins, who has a Frodo. Heh. Hobbit humor. Gotta love it.

Factoid #9: I am somewhat ashamed to have just resorted to hobbit humor.