Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A town hall talk with John McCain. My friend.

ME: "Welcome, Senator McCain!"

MAC: "I'm glad to be here my friend."

ME: "Let's open up it right up with questions."

MAC: "That's a good idea my friend."

ROSS: "Senator McCain...can you fix the economy?"

MAC: "Well Ross, that's a good question my friend. Yes....unlike my opponent who voted against fixing the economy 90% of the time."

MONICA: "Senator McCain...can you keep our military strong?"

MAC: "I'm glad you asked Monica...yes, my friend, I will...unlike my opponent who voted against the military 90% of the time!"

PHOEBE: "How about health care...will I still get health care?"

MAC: "That's a great question Phoebe, my friend,...we will give tax credits, unlike my opponent who voted against it 90% of the time."

JOEY: "How you doin'?"

MAC: "I'm glad you asked Joey my friend...I'm doin' good. My opponent voted for doin' bad 90% of the time."

Chandler: "How about energy?"

MAC: "That's a great question my friend Chandler! I"ll reach across the aisle to solve that unlike my opponent who voted against it 90% of the time.

Jennifer Anniston: "I'm a big movie star."

MAC: "Thank you my friend for being opponent loves movie stars. 90% of the time.

ME: "Thank you my friend, Senator John McCain!"

MAC: "Thank you my friend."


cake said...

I lasted an hour and then I had to run for cover, my friend. That was the most boring debate ever, my friend, and if McCain said "my friend" one more time, I was worried I was going to go through my tv after him, my friend.

Lois Lane said...

I slept through the entire debate and woke up in time to watch Letterman. It was good planning on my part.

weed said...

but if you turned down the sound and played "Dark side of the moon" it was way cool.

Redbeard76 said...


Is John McCain with Rachel or not this week? And yes, he is the Ross of the bunch, so whiny. ;)

ross said...

Only I can raise my arms above my head!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Hi-effin-larious, my friend.

Prisoner of war said...

Much less hi-larious for anyone who's spent 5½ years in captivity as a POW in North Vietnam, my friends.

More hi-larious if you've spent 5½ years as a "community organizer..."

Tor Hershman said...

You have a most amusing blog.

I did a "Friends" parody entitled 'Fiends' but it had nothing to do with the election.....orrrrrrr
DID IT?!?!?!?!

Stay on groovin' safari,

polly politico said...

::raises hand::

I once spent 5 1/2 minutes POWing* in a Vietnamese restaurant -- does that count towards presidential experience?

(*praising our waiter)

Capris Forever said...

I would've enjoyed the debate a lot more if both candidates had been wearing capri pants.

Horroru (Joe O) said...

I'd rather see a Banner / Grimm debate, but that's just me....

Horroru (Joe O) said... friends

sassy mccheekypants said...

I heard a rumor that if anyone here said "my friends" one more time, IANO's head would explode.

My friends.