Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pepper my bottom and call me Bunsie.

So I get this phone call last night:

OLDEST DAUGHTER: "Are you coming home to eat?"

ME: "I work a bit late on Tuesday...why?"

OLDEST DAUGHTER: "Is Mom cooking you?"

ME: "No. Your Mother is not cooking me."

OLDEST DAUGHTER: "Is Mom cooking FOR you?"


Point of today's post? I've had the title 'Pepper my bottom and call me Bunsie' locked in my head for a while and wasn't sure how I'd ever use it. It somehow seemed to fit today's post.

A little.



cake said...

Mmmm, roasted Republican with a side of mashed potatoes.

bacon ace said...

But Cake, they're bitter.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Frankly, I relish that you've mustard up the hots to use this fine title.

cake said...

Oh no, Sparkle...you do NOT wanna go there. I got the onions to ketchup to any puns you wanna a-salt us with. And once I start, thyme just gets away from me and I can't stop.


Uncle unclear said...



aunt very clear said...

Basil off, wouldja, Uncle Unclear?

The Cinna Man said...

Dear Rosemary and Ginger,

I don't have thyme for this salty blog.

going for the easy one said...

God, this place is just peppered with puns today...

why is this blog always about food said...

- All You Need is Cloves
- Butter Butter Me Do
- Happiness is a Warm Bun
- Eight Helpings a Week
- Ob-la-yum, Ob-la-yum
- I Want to Hold Your Ham

(I'm hungry.)

Pervert said...

Eat me

not Rantz said...

I ate the sun.

michael jackson said...

The chair is my sun.

heavy helen said...

I'm hungry.

David'Z RantZ said...

What kinda condiments go with the Sun?