Thursday, October 02, 2008

Tips for Sarah

a) When in doubt, snicker and just say "Sorry...I was looking at Joe's "hair"...make sure you do air quotes when you say the word hair.

b) Undo one more button.

c) When in doubt bring up Porter vs Hobson. And point to Biden.

d) Raise an eyebrow and say "So what you're saying is you don't think a woman can do this job?"

e) When in doubt bring up Bornum vs O'Leary. And point to Biden.

f) Take your index finger and twirl a bit of your hair.

g) Answer your cellphone during the debate and tell your kids "Pre-heat oven at 350 degrees"

h) Crack a funny with the phrase: 'The Shaved Doctrine'

i) When in doubt bring up Madison vs Anderson. And point to Biden.

j) Shake your head after hearing a question and just say "Men wouldn't understand that." (You'll get the chick vote and most likely men weren't listening to you anyhow)

k) About an hour into the debate ask the moderator if she can 'wrap things up a bit early as The Office is on.'

l) Talk in a goofy accent and act all clueless when asked a simple question. (Men love it when the bitches do that)

m) Make me a sandwich, Whore!

n) When in doubt bring up Kerry vs Gore and then just start laughing. Point to Biden.

o) Or something.


mulderjoe said...


Lois Lane said...

Okay, I'm hungry. If she makes me a sandwich, maybe I'll reconsider my opinion of her....


sarah said...

I decided to follow tip "L"...thanks, IANO!

sarah said...

Oh and gosh shucks! I'm average!

sarah said...

And I don't like nukular weapons but I do like Israel and Joe Sixpack!

Horroru (Joe O) said...

p)Drop some notes and slowly bend over to pick them up.

q)Ask Biden what the top TV show in 1929 was.

r)Help me and Kate Beckinsale make a Sarah sandwich.

s)Do a quick Tina Fey impression.