Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Only six more days until...

-the sky turns green.

-your 401k goes back to where it was.

-lower taxes.

-better music.

-better job.

-no reruns on TV.

-secret service is now hiring.

-earth starts cooling.

-cars that run on magnets.

-new White House china patterns.

-vast amounts of brush start getting cleared in Crawford, TX.



-sideburns are back in style.

-40 acres and a mule. Or is it 40 mules and an acre?

- a new New Deal.

-increased welfare checks!

-longing for Jimmy Carter starts anew.

-pizza is outlawed (would I lie about something like that?)

-McDonald's introduces the Big Barack (looks great...just empty calories)

-Al Gore warns about Global Cooling.

-Ronald Reagan rolls over in his grave.


cousin saul said...

Good are a true prophet!
I have finally posted another chapter of my blog too. (plug)

halfwhite halfblack guy said...

Jetpacks on Negroes would be awesome!

bacon ace said...

"Jetpacks on Negroes would be awesome!"

"Negroes" is an outdated term. We could just call them Jet Blacks.

he's lying!! said...

Negroes with huge sideburns flying around our now green (colder) skys with jetpacks!

missing the gipper said...

Jetpack strapped on Reagan!

cake said...

I hadn't realized the apocalypse was next week.

Joe the Plumber said...

What's happening next week?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear Joe the Plumber,

Next week, one way or the other, you're gettin' flushed. Now, pull up your pants, young man.

Jetpack (formerly known as Sparkle) Plenty

my knee grows said...

I'm voting for McCain. He has a better jetpack platform.

probably not barack said...

- Elect Elect Me Do
- Baracky in the White House with Biden
- Ob-la-ob, Ob-la-bama
- I Want to Elect Your Hand
- Happiness is a Won Election
- Eight Campaign Stops a Week
- Hard Dems Fight
- Rocky Republicans

sarah unclear on the concept said...

- Happiness is a Warm Gun