Thursday, October 30, 2008

Crock O'Bama: P.I. (or something)

So did everyone watch Barack Obama's info-mercial last night? He paid the networks for 30 something minutes of airtime.

The music! The grandeur! The pomp!

A few things jumped out:

1.) At one point The Messiah says "we will let the insurance companies and Exxon take care of themselves." followed by something about helping General Motors 're-tool' for the future.

Why should the government shit all over Exxon and The Insurance Companies and then want to help General Motors re-tool? Fishy.

Dear General Motors,

Re-tool yourself!



And now for the best part:

They filmed this rat-ugly teacher walking around a grocery store whining about how costs have gone up and blah blah blah. At one point the Rat-Ugly Teacher said:

"Somedays I come in here and I don't know if I can afford a half-gallon of milk or a full gallon."

The very next camera shot was her walking out of the grocery store holding a full gallon of milk. Rat-Ugly is clearly flush with cash from governemnt handouts!

And it was on Obama's OWN info-mercial! Which clearly tells me everything is fine and there is no reason for change.

Vote McCain! He doesn't delay The World Series to sell me Flo-Bees.

Or something.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Couldn't he have invested his money in something more wise than blowing it on a 30 minute infomercial?
1. It's just plain tacky
2. Why doesn't he use that money to buy that lady a gallon of milk?
c. Why doesn't he use that money to give to whiney people who don't want to earn their own money so that us tax payers don't have to?