Friday, March 07, 2008

Don't put Terminator in a corner.

I'm gonna discuss the new Sarah Connor: TERMINATOR tv show.

Have you seen it? It's pretty good. It has a gorgeous Sarah Connor. An adorable John Connor. And a very sexy 'good' Terminator named Cameron.

Sounds good, correct?

Well...I'm about to tell you the very last scene of the last episode of season one.


Here goes:

The 'good' indestructable Terminator (Cameron) is in a truck when all of a sudden someone (I forget who) blows up said truck. With Cameron inside.


So what's the problem? Seems like a pretty good suspenseful cliffhanger, correct?


Why wrong?

Cuz a flippin' indestructable Terminator don't get no hurt by no flippin' truck explosion.

The proper ending should have been gorgeous Sarah Connor in said truck. Maybe with some torn clothes and stuff. CUZ SHE IS HUMAN AND CAN GET HURT!!!

(Patrick Swayze should be the evil Terminator)


cake said...

I'm assuming most men are suspense...will her clothes all be burnt off in the explosion or not!?

don't go down this road so early said...

Yellow Skynet Submarine

T-1000 To Ride

Hey Judgment Day

Joe Doherty said...

Whether her clothes are burnt off or not doesn't matter too much as you can just rent "300" and get the full show.

I'd love to see the Terminators take on the Spartans. With a Predator and Ash from Evil Dead thrown in there.

Dykey McMunch said...

The Terminator gal isn't in 300....Sarah is the one in 300.

I'd like to see 300 Sarah fight one Spartan.

That would make me tingle.

Robby said...

Can you two please get your fantasy robots straight.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Helter Endoskeleton

Metallic Mr. Mustard

I'll Be Getting Back

I suck at this game said...

Sexy Sarah

ArnOld Brown Shoe

I'll Be Back (in the U.S.S.R.)

cake said...
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Fish said...

Why did you pick IANO's blog for this information?

Lois Lane said...

All You Need is A Time Machine

Help! (no edit necessary)

Lucy is a Cyborg With Diamonds

cake said...

Any idea what "fish" is going on about?

Anonymous said...

I have the Flu. Or A Flu. So I don't care about the Terminator.
She may have been blown up into bloody scraps of charred body parts, but I HAVE THE FLU. Where's the humanity????

Meanwhile IANO, we LOVED the Jesus list. My boss buddy read each one aloud today to all of at lunch....only he used his perfected (Bill) Clinton accent. Totally entertaining-you snoozers obviously needed to hear a pro read that list.

Did I mention that I had the Flu?