Monday, March 31, 2008

Out of Context Theatre

The following is from something written by one of our presidential candidates. In his own words.

It's easy to guess who said all of this.

-I reached down with my mouth

-I went up to the top again

-and it would last for a long time

- About an hour later in came a guy called "The Cat."

-who came in "for special attention"

-A lot of them were homosexual

- I pulled

-The mob was really getting up-tight.

-successful moon shot

-from young people

-dressed only in my skivvies

-The Rabbit and the others worked on Dick Stratton very hard.

-They just pounded the hell out of him

- Another beautiful thing

-it was a riot

-he was a wrestler in college

-Sometimes I got it three or four times a week.

-The Soft-Soap Fairy came to my room one day

-We started bathing

-It was all very amazing

-I stayed in that one

-I received my first package

-I loved them

-I had a hell of a hemorrhoid

-There would be a red glow

-We called him Slopehead.

-but it was filthy dirty

-very hard to chew

-You're a black criminal.

-but I kept vomiting

-The Oriental, as you may know, likes to beat around the bush quite a bit.

And that my friends is another installment of Out Of Context Theatre!

Hope you enjoyed!

If I feel like it I'll post a link to the complete production later.


Joe Doherty said...

This man was a particularly idiotic individual. We called him "Slopehead."

cake said...

It was Hitler!

What? Really? But I thought these games were always about Hitler?


I Ain't No Oprah said...

It's John McCain!

Anonymous said...

I would have guessed Nixon, but there weren't enough [expletive deleted] comments.

-- Lamont "[Expletive Deleted] Cranston, who may or may not be related to Aaron [Bleeping] Boone. God, I'm glad baseball is back...

ned pepper said...

Oriental Submarine

cake said...

Okay, someone has to do it...what if the Beatles wrote about torturing John McCain?

- A Day in the Spikes
- Baby You're a Sore Man
- Back in the H.A.N.O.I.
- Polythene Prisoner
- Mailman, Bring Me No More Beatings

john mccain said...

Happiness is a Cold Gook
The Ballad of John and Gook-o

soft soap fairy said...

I Wanna Hold Your Broken Mishapened Arm

Happiness is a Warm Cup of Gruel

Gook Back

The Ballad Of John and Slopehead

Rucy in the Rye Rith Ryemonds

Ho Chi Minh said...

I'll Follow The Sun Ling Wu

Paddy Lane


Jayne said...

Isn't this from one of your 'secret' blogs?

David'Z RantZ said...

Well, yeah, okay... but he still makes pretty good French Fries!