Saturday, March 22, 2008

Real guns that look like toys.

This might be the dumbest story ever.

These aint toy guns that look real...these are real guns that look like toys.

And folks are bitching about this.


Jayne said...

Ha ha. The comments are best

"It's sad when parents would rather give their child a toy then ensure their safety. Pink or purple, if you point a gun at me, I will shoot you down."

I will giggle at that all day. All week. Maybe all year.

gunner nelson said...

Happiness is a Warm Purple Gun

When I'm an AK-64

Yellow Sub-Machine Gun

cake said...

I'm gonna get one and paint it in a nice Beatles theme...and then give it a name. You know, maybe Mary...hmmm, let's try it out:

"Mary, My Dear, should we shoot that burglar?"

Yeah, I like it.

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