Monday, March 31, 2008

John Adams

So everyone has been gushing about the HBO series John Adams and how great it is.

I don't have HBO so I'm out of the loop.

But Wifey bought the book that the series is based on.

And I read about a third of it yesterday. And it's fantastic.

So now I'm ahead of the loop. Which means I'm better than you.

And don't get me started on Thomas Jefferson...'Mister We Want Freedom and Independence'...'Mr I Have 200 Slaves Douchebag'. And George Washington....Georgey I Have 100 Slaves and wear a fancyman wig'

And for some reason John Adams ain't on our money but these prick racist slave owners are?

John Adams is awesome. George and Thomas not so much.
And Ben Franklin is kind of a bumbling fool.

So To Sum Up:
Yesterday I could have watched Planet of the know, that movie about Apes making humans their slaves but instead I read about John Adams.

You should too.

PS:I watched some of the morning news shows yesterday and Hillary was extra screachy. With that voice of hers I can picture her as the white Prissy going all Butterfly McQueeny in the White know, when someone else gets elected.


cake said...

Everyone in Canada has HBO.


bacon ace said...

Hoser Box Office?

jed said...

Even ah've got HBO-- ah put some of 'em rabbit ears up and it comes in almost all clear like.

cake said...

Dear Bacon:

Take off, eh?

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize G.W. was a mumbler.

cake said...

You're such a jerk.

jerk said...

That ain't Cake...I notice no eyes next to it.

cake said...

I WAS FRAMED! No profile picture next to that comment. Nice try, whoever did that.

Spud said...

Fake Cake on my blog too.

cake said...

SOMEONE clearly has too much time on their hands this afternoon.

They better hope I don't find 'em...

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Do you think FakeCake has a fake switchblade?

cake said...

I heard FakeCake has fancy shoes and a deep love of all things raccoony.

cake said...

What if the Beatles sang about John Adams?

::stares into space::

Never's too hard.

Joe Doherty said...

"the long and boring road"?

cake said...

Not so much that American history is rough and doing Beatles songs about US presidents would require me to do research.

And the day I have to do RESEARCH to play the Beatles the day I stop playing the Beatles game. Also, a cold day in Hell.

t. Jefferson said...

(American) Revolution

The Ballad of John and Abigailo

Happiness is a Warm Valley Forge

Mean Mister Musket

The Fool on Bunker Hill

Martha Washington My Dear

I ME King George's

Hey Jefferson

A Independence Day in the Life

Back in the C.O.L.O.N.Y.

Taxman Without Representation