Friday, August 14, 2009

The Eunice Kennedy Wake

Every mourner got a trophy.


Why is this funny?

Because Eunice started the Special Olympics.

I still don't get why it's funny?

It's funny because in the Special Olympics every kid gets a trophy or ribbon.

Or something.

Or so us non-retarded people are lead to believe.

I still don't get why making fun of retarded kids at the Eunice Kennedy wake would be funny.

Trust is.


Gimpy said...

*hops on prosthetic limbs...trips...falls into open coffee*

Tardo said...

Surely you meant coffin? *drools*

Corky McRetard said...

I'm talking to soup.

Blindy McGee said...

Who said that?!

Deaftard said...


ReHab said...

And the beer cans are for Teddy?...