Monday, August 10, 2009

The Inconvenient Truth About My Store Hours

On Sunday my store hours are 12:00-5:00.

Around 5:10 yesterday I closed up shop and did my closing routine.

At 5:15 a guy knocks on my door.

GUY: "Are you open?"

ME: "Nope...we closed at 5:00."

GUY: "Everytime I come here you're's very inconvenient"

ME: "What's inconvenient?

GUY: "When I come here and you're closed."

ME: "You should come here when we're open."

GUY: "I mean your store hours are inconvenient."

ME: "I have no choice."

GUY: "Hmmmm."

ME: "Mind if I ask you a question?"

GUY: "Sure...go ahead."

ME: "If you know what my store hours are why do you come after I'm closed?"

GUY: "I figure you might me open."

ME: "Anything I can help you with today?"

GUY: "I'm looking for a joke gift for my you have any pictures of Gary Cooper?"

ME: "I don't think so...I can put the lights on and check but I'm pretty sure I don't have any."

GUY: "Don't bother...I'll swing by tomorrow afternoon."

ME: "I'm almost postive...I don't have any pictures of Gary Cooper."

GUY: "I'll check tomorrow..."



GUY: "I'm back...just checking for those Gary Cooper pictures."

ME: "I don't have any."

GUY: "I'll check back..."


Cake said...

12:00- 5:00 AM or PM?

Lois Lane said...

Do you still have that box of broken toys? Looking for something nice for my kids.

Gary Cooper said...

I'm a joke gift?

*sad indian tear slides down cheek*

I Ain't No Oprah said...

I also loved that Gary Cooper stuff is now in the 'joke gift aisle'

Jack's Son said...

He came back today while you're open. He's capable of learning!

cousin saul said...

I'm not kidding...I just bought a DVD of Gary Cooper in "High Noon."