Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's a cut.

ME: "See the cut on my arm?"

WIFEY: "That's not a cut."

ME: "What do you mean it's not a cut? It's a cut. A big cut."

WIFEY: "It's not a cut."

ME: "Cut."

WIFEY: "It's a scratch."

ME: "A scratch?? It ain't a's a cut!"

WIFEY: "Scratch."

ME: "It's a cut! Look at it."

WIFEY: "How did you get your scratch?"

ME: "I walked into a rack at the store and scraped it."

WIFEY: "Scratched it."

ME: "It's a cut."


Ted Kennedy said...

Shame there is no health care reform to take care of that.

I devoted my life to health care reform.

I failed.

I died.

vodka-lover said...

The booze industry have lowered their flags to half-mast in "honor" of Ted Kennedy.

Cake said...


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