Monday, August 24, 2009

More from Crazy Jason

CRAZY JASON: "Wonder Woman is black."

ME: "How do you figure?"

CRAZY JASON: "Well, she's an amazon and people from the Amazon region are black. So Wonder Woman is black."

ME: "Okay."

CRAZY JASON: "And so is Batman, Superman, Robin, and the Flash."

ME: "Okay."

CRAZY JASON: "And the silver age Green Lantern."



CRAZY JASON: "Do you know where I can get Soylent Green?"

ME: "The book or movie?"

CRAZY JASON: "The real Soylent Green."

ME: "Why do you want real Soylent Green?"

CRAZY JASON: "The food around here just isn't cutting it."

ME: "Ah...protein."





1 comment:

Sparkle Plenty said...

How did no one comment on this one? "The food around here just isn't cutting it." C'mon, ladies and germs! What are ya, sleepin' out there? Crazy Jason can't get no respect.