Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tiger swimming beside boat

So let's say you were on a boat and saw a tiger swimming by.

Would that be odd?

Do the large cats actually like to swim?

Or could it be a trained tiger taught to swim?

And why would someone train said tiger to swim?

What is the tiger's name?

Does he have siblings?

Is he swimming far from home or does he live right there next to the river?

Does he eat fish?

Is he happy?

Any battle scars on swimming tiger?

Does he always swim alone?

Can he dive?


Can he hold his breath underwater?

For how long?

Does he wear swim trunks or does he swim naked?

Is he aware of time?

Can this particular tiger surf?

Or is he just a fresh water Big Cat?

Has this tiger ever appeared in the National Geographic?

Does he have religious beliefs or is he just spiritual?

These are just some of the questions I have for Tiger Swimming Beside Boat.


True-blooded American said...

The Phillies!

Tony said...

This blog is L-L-L-L-A-M-E!

Clinky said...

I would ask him how it felt to get his ass kicked by that Korean dude.

Maury "Big Cat" Tigerstein said...

My. You are very curious about me.
1. No. Not odd.
2. Yes. Is that comical somehow?
3. No.
4. Go talk to Siegfried and Roy. No. Best just talk to Siegfried.
5. Maury.
6. One brother, one sister. Not that they help out with mom.
7. I have a condo. River view. Chicks dig it.
8. Does a bear shit in the woods? Of course I eat fish.
9. Some days are better than others, ya know?
10. None that I'm showin' you.
11. Yes. I am a lone wolf. Except I'm a tiger.
12. Sure.
13. What am I, a toy monkey?
14. Not as long as Sinatra could, but longer than you can.
15. I am losing patience.
16. I am a busy tiger, please don't waste my time.
17. Please see #16 above.
18. You float and I'll hop on your back and we'll find out!
19. Big Cat. Caps. I like this.
20. Who do you think pays for the condo?
21. I like to lick my butt, yet I believe there is something larger than my butt and us all...

The Riddler said...

Riddle me this-

Q: When is a tiger not a tiger?

A: When he is ajar.

Cake too lazy to sign in said...

I'm actually a Tiger in the Chinese calendar...and I've never swam/swum next to a boat.

Sorry, wish I could help!

Tiger Rapper said...

Tigger please!

Equine Rapper said...

Trigger please!

Swine Rapper said...

Pigger please!

Tiger Woods said...

You called?

Anonymous said...

Tiger go swim-swim.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Is that from that website lolbigzcatz?

Michael Phelps said...

Does he want me to pass the dubee?