Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kevin Youkilis: sweaty ugly asshole.

Do you follow the Red Sox?

Do you know this guy?

This is Kevin Youkilis...he plays first base, thrid base, and sometimes left field.

He's real good.

He's also a sweaty ugly asshole.

But but but..."He's on our team!"

So what.

He's a sweaty ugly asshole and if he played for any other team you'd hate his guts.

Because he's a sweaty ugly asshole.

But but but...He hustles and plays great defense! He hits for power and average and in the clutch.

Doesn't matter.

He's a sweaty ugly asshole.

But he's our sweaty ugly asshole.


Wifey and her friends call him: '70's Vagina'

I call him sweaty ugly asshole.

What do you call him?


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