Saturday, August 22, 2009

Smart Car

So you'll be driving down the highway and you'll see one of these 'Smart Cars' and your first thought is:

"Wow...there goes someone that really cares about his carbon footprint!"

Actually that's not what you think.

You think:


Or maybe you think:


Or possibly:


Democrat sometimes comes to mind.

And then you see another 'Smart Car' tootin' down the road and you once again think:


I'm not sure why the Smart Car brings out such rage in us.

The folks driving them are doing some good. Care about the Earth. They save some money on gas.

Sounds almost smart, correct?

WRONG! They're assholes!

They don't care about the Earth.

All they care about is that YOU think they care about the Earth.

But they are Assholes in Dumb Cars.

Or possibly idiots or Democrats.

But even if they're not Democrats can we all agree that they're Assholes?

I thought so.


Cake said...

I always think, "Wow, that person must have a death wish to drive something that small, that fast!"

hef said...

cars i would drive/





Clinky said...

Maybe just wants to be able to find a parking space.

Glad It's Not Me said...

Idiot. Like I care what kind of Stoopid Car they are driving and how green they think they are. How are they gonna get and Kate and all the kids in there? After you have to make 5 trips, tell me how much gas you saved.