Saturday, April 08, 2006

Brand Name Products The Consumer Just Didn't Embrace.

1. Owens Corning Lingerie

2. Benson & Hedges Childrens Thermometer

3. Guillow Balsa Homes

4. Anything by Monsanto

5. Playboy for Kids

6. LEGO Twin Towers/Airplane Playset

7. Papermate Cotton Swabs

8. Popsicle Onion Pops

9. Milton Bradley's Nothing for #9

10. Little Tykes 'Shock and Awe' crib mobile.


Anonymous said...

11. Mrs. Butterworth's Syringe N' Syrup ComboPak

12. Pfizer Erector Set

cake said...

Ahh no, now I crave popsicle onion rings.

That was very cruel, Nooprah.

Buck Owens said...

Hoover Hi-Fi Receiver

Anonymous said...

My favorite failed product: Steven Spielberg's Shindler's List Easy Bake Oven