Saturday, April 29, 2006

Period Underwear...The New Ipod.

We're about to be filthy rich.

I overhear this gaggle of broads* and they're discussing their 'period underwear'....period underwear are the oldest, grossest, torn & frayed, most terrible underwear a broad* owns and she wears them when she has her 'period' (some girl thing...down there) because she doesn't want to ruin her Victoria's Secret stuff by what happens 'down there'.

So how do we become filthy rich you ask?

We create and market something called Period Underwear and sell them! They would be good looking sexy underwear that broads* would love to wear while having their period...'down there'. Each broad* would probably buy 6 new pair every year or so...90,000,000 Period Underwear wearing broads* in the US alone....start countin' the cash.

I also think instead of some cute catchy name hiding what they really are, market them as Period Underwear.

I get 51% and whoever does all the work can have 49%.

And people think I'm stupid.

*the term broad is being used so I won't get kicked out of the Man Club for discussing Periods....and underwear.


I Ain't No Oprah said...


cake said...

It's not your fault; these people would apparently rather hear Hitler haikus and stories about near-crushings of babies and hot moms.

They're a sick, sick crew.

Man's Club said...

Dear Sir:

We regret to inform you that your membership in the Man's Club has been revoked due to your repeated uses of the words "period" and "underwear." Please come by the clubhouse at your earliest convenience to pick up your slippers, pipe, smoking jacket, and tool belt.

Kindest regards,

The Man's Club

A bloody vagina said...

Thanks Oprah,
I was sick of those nasty companions anyway. I mean c'mon, they were like 30 years old and full of holes and blood stains. Not cool.

Truly you are a champion of bloody vaginas.

Foxy Boxing said...

Good idea, but I've already thought of it. Tell you what, we can sell my already used period underwear and label it "vintage" and we can charge double.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cousin Bob,
I hope I win the lottery someday so I can share my good fortune with you, my very favorite cousin. ( if Diane and Linda read this...I meant to say my favorite MALE cousin)...cousin paul