Thursday, April 13, 2006

Would you rather...
take a poll?
swim in a pool?
marry a Polish person?
crash your car into a pole?
tame a polecat?
drink pouilly- fuisse?
have the lead pole postion at the Indy 500?
die in a pool of your own vomit?
be my pal?
smack my Cousin Paul?
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cake said...

What if I wanna marry your pal Paul, who's a tame Polish polecat, in a pool at the pole position of the Indy 500?

(I can't work in the poully-fuisse, vomit or car crash, I'm such a loser.)

Clinky said...

You can rob Peter to Pay Paul.

Pay Paul.


We hate medicine.

cake said...

If you want to be a real human boy, you'll have to learn to take medicine.

Just so you know.

Clinky said...

Tell it to the Pope.

cake said...

I've never met a robot boy more obsessed with the Pope.

It strikes me as a bit unhealthy.

Clinky said...

No Blogging on Good Friday.