Friday, April 28, 2006

Some Of The Perks of Joining The Republican Party.

1. Free new matching set of luggage every four years.

2. Free air travel in the continental US.

3. Knowledge that even though Bush is fairly lame he's still 6.7 times better than John Kerry and 5.8 times better than Al Gore.

4. No taxes.

5. The Christmas Party...WOW!

6. The Hillary Has Cankles t-shirt and matching running shorts.

7. The REAL ending to the DaVinci Code.

8. Easter card from Nancy Reagan with funny Ronnie stories.

9. Matted print of Abe Lincoln (Yes, Abe was a Republican...ya forgot that didn't ya???)

10. the Git-Mo blooper reel.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget No-Bid Contracts and a free "Jesus Loves Me, But He Hates You" bumper sticker!

Lois Lane said...

Half-price clam cakes at the Kennebunkport Chowda' Shack on Tuesdays after 5 p.m.!

I Ain't No Oprah said...

You have to pay half price? I take it you haven't been in the party very long.

Phil Donahue's Niece said...

All the navy blue clothing you can handle!

cake said...

1. Nah, it's all the same hideous shade of blue.
2. But I wanna go to Hawaii.
3. Doublecheck your math. I think you forgot to carry something, somewhere...
4. I misread that as "no taxis." No TAXES makes more sense.
5. I don't think I want to see any of the First Ladies drunk and table-dancing, thanks.
6. Wasn't she marketing Period Underwear? Or was that someone else?
7. Where they all wake up and it was a bad dream?
8. Nothing for this one.
9. And look how well things went for him!
10. I already saw that on America's Funniest Home Videos.