Friday, July 11, 2008

The 10th anniversary of 9/11

How original, huh?

Everybody on the planet is probably writing a 10th anniversary of 9/11 blog today.

So sue me.

My Mom died in the North Tower that day, and I feel like I can write about 9/11 on it's anniversary. So shut up.

Everybody always asks if you remember what you were doing that fateful day....I sure do!

I was watching a documentary on the JFK assassination, then I switched over to one on the RFK assassination. I watched a bit of the OJ Bronco chase and most of Capricorn One.

And then the planes hit.

I've been a bit obsessive about it ever since (WOW! Ten years....went fast)

And today it hit me! I finally figured it out!

4 planes. Two hit the World Trade Center, one hit the Pentagon, and one crashed in a field.

Well guess what? Bin Laden wasn't after the Trade Center or the Pentagon....he wanted to destroy our fields!!

Our precious fields! Amber ways of grain. And stuff!

Ten years and I finally figured it out!

Our precious fields!


My mom could have been in that field.

Your mom could have been also.

(I wonder if our Moms would have liked each other? I wonder if they would have liked that field?)

And now....everytime I see a field I shudder (or do I shiver?) I always forget.

But I'll never forget this date, ten years ago, when evil tried to wreck our fields.

Never forget.

Field of Nightmares. Field of Dreams. Field of Tossing & Turning and Dying and Burning

Or something.

::wipes away one lone salty manly tear::

Now I want popcorn.


mulderjoe said...

::wipes away one lone salty manly tear::

No such thing.

licky lou said...

[licks tear]

Yum, you're right, it's salty.

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Dear MulderJoe,

I didn't wipe the tear off of MYSELF, I wiped it off a snivelling member of the Taliban after I gave him repeated kicks to his groin.

Just for the record.

cake said...

That's not what yer boyfriend Hoag told me, IANO. He said you, and I quote, "cried like a girl."

I think he was a little embarrassed, to be frank.

frank said...

Why would I be embarrassed??

Sparkle Plenty said...

I can never eat just one salty tear.

Jayne said...

Are you sure it came from your eye?

Lois Lane said...

I just think it's nice that 7-Eleven is giving away free Slurpees today to honor all those who were in the fields.

The Salty Tear flavor is especially refreshing.

The TalibanTM said...

That was kinda tender that you wiped the tear. Especially off our member.

Wait. What? Off our member?

Whoa there. That's wicked non-Iranian.

Taliban backs off shaking heads like, "Hey, to each his own...we don't swing that way."

Anonymous said...

Man, remember the days when you could walk into any singles bar, go up to a hot chick and say "If you don't f--k me, the terrorists will have won," and she would?

God DAMN, that immediate post-9/11 period consisted of some of the best days of my life. Swingin' Manhattan, bay-bee. Can't believe it was a decade ago.

"I've got some candy" just doesn't work as well.

-- Lamont "I Really DO Have Some Candy, Though..." Cranston

Anonymous said...

Hey, wouldn't it be great if The TalibanTM had the post immediately following mine, above? That way they would have posts 9 & 11.

Oh, wait. Damn. This is the post in the 11 spot. So that's screwed up.

Sorry, Taliban (TM)

-- Lamont "But I Still Miss Swingin' Manhattan" Cranston

cake said...

I'm confused by Lamont's post. Why did you want the nice ladies of NY to fink you??

mulderjoe said...

Dear Mr. No Oprah,

You are now my hero. Going from being a little crying boy to a self-professed kicker of Talibanians.

Uh huh. Admit it: you cried like a Native American Chief overlooking a vast plain of garbage.

thetalibanTM said...

Dear Lamont,
You have foiled our dastardly plans to take over the ninth and eleventh spots. We trained for years on a simulator for this glorious moment--swiftly typing in our usernames (bloodrulerz) and passwords (cuddly1). Thanks. Thanks a lot. We'd retaliate, but it is hot and also two for one day at Arby's and we think a virgin works there. Maybe two. Well, the first girl is a "doubtful." Anyway, their slushies are incredible.

We will take over your blog now and turn it to our evil purposes.

confused beatles said...

We don't even know where to start...