Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kids still play marbles?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nujood Ali is 10 years old, but she already has been married and divorced. Chastised in Yemen for challenging convention, she recently told CNN she was raped and abused by her husband. "I didn't want to sleep with him, but he forced me to," she said, between playing marbles with her siblings<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


The above was on today.

I wonder if this story will make marbles popular again?


Anonymous said...

It will make marbles popular again.

It will also make divorce among the 10-year-old set popular again.

There goes society.

-- Lamont "100% Of American Divorces Begin With Marriage" Cranston

cake said...

I'd play but I lost my marbles quite a long time ago.

Marbly Maude said...

- Happiness is a Big Shooter
- Glass Marble
- Lucy in the Yard with Aggies
- Old Brown Marble
- I Saw Her Steely There

And now I'm quitsies said...

Sexy Keepsies

The Jaggerz said...

Eleanor Rapeby

Day Raper

Rapey Raccoon

Here Comes The Husband

When I'm Ten

Why Don't We Do It On Your Swing Set

just wrong said...

Doctor Raper

P.S. I Love You, Little Girl

Everybody's Trying to Marry my Baby

I Saw Her Playing There (And Married Her)

I've Just Seen a Rape