Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Rolled Coin Blog.

Someone mentioned the other day that they were out of ideas for blogs and they were gonna post a blog about coin rolling.

And it reminded me of the time I fought off aliens, saved the princess, and rolled up about 40 large....all in dimes.


I was flying shotgun (I don't even know what that means) in the X-27 Warp Modulator (no clue what that means) and trying to roll up my coin at the same time when all of sudden a fiery red carbopulation cane came streaming towards my docking bay (or something)....it broke of the hinge of the recess hatch.

I was doomed! Silver Roosevelts were floating all over my craft, the princess was still in dire need (winkwink), and I had dinner plans at 8:00!

So quickly I jammed the throttle to hyper-kill, reversed the props, rolled the coin, saved Diana, patched the hinge, returned to sector 52, had dinner.

I was in bed by 11:00.

I dreamt of rolled pennies and Malomar C-47.

But that's a story for another day!


cake said...

What about that one coin that got away, jammed the hyperstiffle on the mooncraft and caused a massive explosion in the cybersquare docking bay? I see you left that part out.

cousin saul said...

90% is crap

Lazy Lois Not Signed In said...

Y'know, if you kept your flux capacitor in good working order, you wouldn't have needed to patch the hinge.


t sturgeon said...

And the other 10% is this rolled coin blog.

Spaceman Spliff said...

What if you glactate the spogform regulator and then flip-flop on the justifier switch?

It always worked for me.

heavy helen said...

Do space suits come in extra-extra-large?

han said...

I have a very bad feeling about this...

space beatles said...

- All You Need is Cyberlove
- I Wanna Hold Your Han
- Twist and Warp
- Eight Lasers Blasts a Week
- Flux Flux Me Do
- Yellow Spacemarine

s martin said...

That's SPROCKET, not socket!

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Why Don't We Roll Them In The Road

Lucy at the Table with Coins.

Pennies Lane

Eight Dimes A Week

PS I Rolled You

Got To Get You Into My Paper Coin Roll

Old Brown Wheatback

I Am The Rollrus

obama (I'm all about change) said...

1) Ticket To Roll

2) The Roll On The Hill

3) Fixing a Roll

4) Paper Coin Wrapper

5) Eleanor Rollby

6) Back In The R.O.L.L.

7) Lucy In The Sky With Dimes

8) Rollvalution

9) Get Wheatback

Joe Doherty said...

I like Mallowmars.

everyone said...

We know.

Spacey r chandler said...

I rested my Markolator IV beside my hip as I chased down D-Nawler through Squires Catacombs.

When I finally found him, Markolator IV told him goodnight.

And goodbye...

Tex said...

admit it, you roll coins and stuff them in your pockets

I Ain't No Oprah said...

Yeah, dimes...not quarters.


Sparkle Plenty said...

I thought only ladies had docking bays. Are you a lady?

Lamont "I Have A Blog" Cranston said...

Something about this doesn't fly. You always return to Sector 53.

Lamont "Always Roll Your Own" Cranston

David'Z RantZ said...

Didn't Otis Redding have a docking bay?