Friday, July 04, 2008

They call me MISTER Dibs !

So last night was Buddy Nite. It usually consists of me, The Hoag, and The Blonde.

Sometime during the day either through text messages, emails, or phone calls we decide where to eat or what to do.

But all during the day yesterday we never hear from The Blonde.

Nothing. El Nada.

So use our back up plan and we meet at the "usual spot" just in case she had some communication breakdown.

Or something.

But she's not there.

And it's at that moment we realize that she must have died. Cuz she would have called , correct?

Here is how the conversation went once we figured out she was in heaven:

ME: "I've got dibs on her new Sony flat screen!"

HOAG: "Dibs on her Bose!"

ME: "New rug...MINE!"

HOAG: "Her undergarments!"

ME: "The grill !"

HOAG: "Good...I hate that grill"

ME: "Her new sectional sofa!"

HOAG: "Fuck."

ME: "Laptop!"

HOAG: "Hammock!"

ME: "Meats and snacks!"

HOAG: "Booze!"

ME: "I don't want anything else."

HOAG: "Me neither."

ME: "What should we do now?"

HOAG: "Go eat."

ME: "I'll miss her."

HOAG: "Me too."

ME: "What should we eat?"

HOAG: "Italian"

So To Sum Up:

They Call Me MISTER Dibs.

They call Hoag, Hoag.


cake said...

When you die, I call dibs on all your Hitler and Beatles memorabilia (especially the rare Hitler/Beatles crossover comic).

Put that in your will or something, please.

Anonymous said...

Dibs on your television. And your blog.

-- Lamont "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got" Cranston

heavy helen said...

I call dibs on all your fritos.

everyone's out bbq'ing said...


I Ain't No Oprah said...

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Dibs

Dibs on the Yellow Submarine!

Jayne said...

If you have a rain making machine for films, then I'll have dibs on that.

I always think of you when I see rain in films.